Comics Books for KidsPublished YearAuthorCategoryUser Rating
American Born Chinese 2006
Gene Luen YangGraphic novel3.9 / 5
Anya's Ghost2011Vera BrosgolGhost story3.9 / 5
El Deafo2014Cece BellGraphic novel4.2 / 5
Dog Man2017Dav PilkeyGraphic novel4.2 / 5
Babymouse2005Jennifer L. HolmFiction4.0 / 5
Herobear and the Kid The Inheritance2003Mike KunkelComics4.3 / 5
Amulet The Stonekeeper2008Kazu KibuishiScience Fiction4.2 / 5
Out from Boneville1995Jeff SmithComedy4.2 / 5
Positively Izzy2018Libenson TerriGraphic novel4.0 / 5
Bera the One-Headed Troll2016Eric OrchardFantasy Fiction3.8 / 5

Most of the children are very eager to hear or know the Animation related stories or the different kinds of interesting stories. These comic books for children are the hard copies, which reveal some short stories in an effective manner. It will be very that using only printed information to know about something. For that, the graphics and the animations are created to provide the information very easily with entertaining the people.

Especially, the kids will have more interest on it and they can access more advantages with it. The main thing is that the comic books are changing the reluctant reader as a ravenous reader. Actually, this will be very much helpful to increase the reasoning ability of the children. It will increase the collection of words what the children are used to speak in various places and at the same time, it increases the attitude of them.

Due to these kinds of interesting books, the student’s learning capacity also will develop. Nowadays, comic books and the graphic novels are spread around the world to make the people entertained. If the comic books are available to study, they will have some admirable benefits via accessing those to study or to understand the stories.